Tuesday, August 02, 2005

We allowed Mr. Duncan out of jail on fifteen thousand dollars bail in march. The charge was molesting a 6 year old boy in Minnesota. If this bail had been denied Shasta would not have been molested and her brother would not be dead. My fellow Americans when will we deal with child molestation sternly and pragmatically? To molest a child is shameful, senseless, perverted and it is sick.

But a new law alone won´t solve it. In the home we must create safe beds for our children. We must face facts. Most victims become victimizers. Most molestation transpires un homes. The mayor? James West? D. Schwartzmiller? Predators? Unless we dealwith the roots of rape, the basis for chrisis we won´t solve the chrisis. I suggest you leave your suggestions on this blog. May I suggest you read "Creating Monsters" and "From the Palace to the Prison" (www.cafepress.com/manning) May I suggest you reant the video "Woman thou art loosed". We need to stop it. These are our children. How many more Shastas will we allow in America?

We must prevent molestation. We must recognize the traits and characteristics of pedophiles and become proactive. What do you think we can do to prevent molestation? If we educate ourselves and treat victims more agressively; might we prevent them from becoming victimizers? I want you to download this blog and send it to principals, pastors, politicians etc. My name is irrelevant. I´m an American who wants children protected. Safe beds must be created for our children. If we treat the root we affect the fruit. What do you think? After you read the suggested books and watch the video - log back on to this blog and leave a comment. God bless you and our children.

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